Didn’t like Jordan Peterson, until I saw this

 Under Begåvning, Enlightenment, Filosofi, Perception, Psykologi

From 04:04 it becomes good, at 05:00 it becomes technical, by 06:06 it becomes insightful, diving in to 07:52 it transforms to mind-blowing. It’s the way we should play.

”You’re a community of selves, stretched across time. And so if you were enlightened and selfish, you would act in a manner that would benefit that entire community across time. And I don’t think it’s any different than acting on the best possible part for other people.” – Goosebumps


”Got ya” – whether your like Jordan Peterson or not, indeed he got her:


The Gender Pay Gap – and a lesson in straw man fallacies by Cathy Newman:


IQ Jordan Peterson: 147

IQ Cathy Newman: 115

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