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The IQ blog is the world’s smartest blog™. Here we write on all sorts of topics, but with an intelligent profile. The blog’s influencers have a measured IQ of 131 or more (sd 15), administered by a licensed psychologist. Take part of our everyday life and the thoughts in our heads.


Together with our readers, we build the world’s fastast growing intelligent blog platform, making the world a little bit smarter. Today, the IQ blog has about 10,000 unique readers per month.

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If you have a question or if you have something you would like to get a really clever answer to, email fraga@iqbloggen.se. (We answer all questions and some we publish here on the IQ blog.)

You are welcome to visit us and follow our development here on the site and at www.facebook.com/iqbloggen.

For press and media, contact press@infobloggen.se.

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