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AHA experiences are among the best things I know. To succeed in getting AHA experiences challenges are required, things that may for a period of time even be so difficult that you can not manage. It’s a bit like building muscle and strength: to get bigger muscles and get stronger you overload with weights. By putting on too much weight, the body adapts and an increase in strength and mass has an effect. Similarly, in order for the brain to develop, mental exercise of varying degrees of difficulty is needed – also up in the range.

But of course it is important not to make it too advanced too fast either. An overworked body is good neither mentally nor physically. So I bought some “loose weights” for some brain training. Here are my latest intellectual workouts (some of them being old acquaintances):

Cute little siamese twins

Mother of cute little siamese twins

A minor challenge

Sweet daddy D! 


Remember: Never do something against your own will. Do things because you see a value in it, perhaps because it is fun, developing or interesting, that is, because you simply want to.

Forced brain exercise: “You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be: it’s their mistake, not my failing. ” – Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate in Physics

Brain exercise, free choice: @@@@@

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  • Suzz

    Härligt att läsa att inte alla mensaner skriver så krystat. Själv blev jag nästan mensan, nästan, på gränsen ja. även om jag skriver så ytligt som jag gör på min blogg, men hey, de lockar ju läsare;)

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