File Sharing – A Logical Answer

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Are you a person who does the right thing or are you a person who steals?

You do not have to be a genius to understand why illegal file sharing is wrong. It only takes a little empathy, something that everyone has, but which many pirates obviously missed and dissed in the quasi-intellectual debate.

If you want to do the right thing, try to put yourself in the seat of the different owners: Those who want to distribute their products for free consumption and those who do not want to distribute their products for free consumption. What would you think of pirates and illegal file sharing if you belonged to the group that does not want to distribute their products for free consumption? Quite simply – you would not like it at all.

Nevertheless, it is the rights of this group that are restricted through illegal file sharing. Not even in a relatively well-developed country like Sweden you have a clear understanding of just reciprocity principals.

The pirate has gotten its culture, with stolen rights.

File sharing technique: @@@@@

Illegal file sharing: –

Culture: @@@@@

Illegal file sharing: –

Market economy: @@@@@

Illegal file sharing: –


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